New Years Eve 2010

By Alice Rose


Who was there?

A large group of Family and Friends which we do important or big events with were there. There was around 30 people.
What did you eat?
We ate pizza, lots of soft drinks, lollies, chips and chocolate.
Why was it special?

It was special because I remember it very well and I had lots of fun with family and friends, and the events of that night led on to a very happy, healthy and fun 2011.
What you did?
We danced, sung, ate food, watch fireworks, had firecrackers and sparklers, lay on the trampoline and spoke to lots of people.
Where was it?

It was at one of my friends house in Leopold.

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Beginning of a New Year!

Saturday, Jan. 1st 2011 at 12am

Leopold, Victoria, Australia

Leopold, VIC