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RVA ACT & WorkKeys Testing

As we close out the calendar year, I know that all of you are making preparations for the 2019 ACT & WorkKeys. It's right around the corner! As our shared students enrolled in the RVA from our consortium districts test within their resident districts for the ACT & WorkKeys, I wanted to provide you with all of the information you will need to make preparations for them. Please be sure to share this information with anyone involved with organizing the ACT / WorkKeys Tests in your district. And please don't hesitate to let the RVA know if you have any questions!

RVA - Grade 11 Students

Currently, the RVA has 107 students in 11th grade enrolled who will be taking the ACT & WorkKeys in February. Of these students, 66 of them are enrolled from one of our 26 consortium districts. These students will be testing in their resident district. The other 41 students are open enrolled to the Medford District and will be testing with the RVA.

Consortium districts have access to the list of students enrolled in the RVA in their Student Information System (Skyward, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, etc). The RVA will also be sending a list of 11th grade students to ensure all students are accounted for.

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Submitting ACT Accommodations

Consortium districts will need to request ACT approved accommodations and/or supports for their RVA students through the ACT Test Accessibility and Accommodations system (TAA) for students with an IEP or 504. The ACT Accommodations window is November 5, 2018 - January 11, 2019.

The RVA Special Education Team will be getting the permissions to release information to ACT for requesting accommodations for all RVA students. This is the form that needs to be completed stating permission was received that allows us to share information with ACT. It has to be submitted before accommodations are requested. The completed forms will be sent to the RVA Consortium Student's case managers as soon as they are collected.

Each of the RVA's consortium districts hold their student's IEP's and 504's. However, if you have questions regarding which accommodations and/or supports students need, please be sure to reach out to the RVA High School's Special Education Team.

Sam Penry - RVA Director of Special Education (sam.penry@ruralvirtual.org)

Dawn Meissner - RVA School Psychologist (dawn.meissner@ruralvirtual.org)

Jill Chasteen - RVA Special Education Teacher (jill.chasteen@ruralvirtual.org)

Melanie Ellenbecker - RVA Special Education Teacher (melanie.ellenbecker@ruralvirtual.org)

Kelly Williams - RVA Special Education Teacher (kelly.williams@ruralvirtual.org)

Our Special Education Team will be following up with each of our consortium districts prior to the Accommodations window closing make sure all accommodations were requested.

Test Prep

Kathy Alexander and Taryn Reardon, the RVA's School Counselors, provide students with a variety of options for ACT Test Prep. All RVA students are provided with access to ePrep and an Odysseyware ACT Prep course. Kathy and Taryn also offer numerous online informational meetings and ACT Practice Sessions to students and parents.

While the RVA does offer quite a bit of ACT test prep, if consortium districts have informational meetings or practice sessions that they feel would be appropriate for their RVA students to participate in, please be sure to invite them!

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Contacting RVA Students

Please be sure to contact all of the grade 11 students enrolled in the RVA from your district to notify them of the days, times and locations of the ACT / WorkKeys meetings and tests. Also, please be sure to provide them with any other important ACT / WorkKeys information pertaining to their district.

Consortium districts have access to their student's contact information within their Student Information System. However, if anyone is unable to reach a family and wants to verify the contact information, please contact the RVA Office and we can provide it.

The RVA will be sending out an email to the families of our grade 11 students enrolled from our consortium districts letting them know that someone from their resident district will be contacting them prior to February with information regarding the ACT test.

ACT & WorkKeys Materials

The RVA's consortium districts will need to check and make sure they have enough tests for the RVA students in their district. Usually, the additional tests that ACT sends for overage materials are enough to allow the RVA students to test. However, if extra materials are needed, please be sure to submit an additional order by February 7, 2019.

The RVA will send each of the consortium districts the labels for the students, answer documents, and any other materials ACT allows the RVA to provide to our partner districts.

Opting Out of the ACT

State statute allows parents/guardian to right to opt their child out of state testing in grade 11. This request may come at any time during the testing window. While the RVA highly encourages all high school students to participate in state testing, there are quite a few RVA parents/guardians who do opt their child out of ACT testing. The RVA will notify the consortium districts of any opt-out requests received. All students excused by parent opt-outs are marked as "not tested" students in school and district reporting.

ACT Non-Test Portions (Required ACT Pre-Work)

Before the ACT Test Day, all students testing need to complete the non-test portions of the answer document. Please make sure you set up a time for all shared RVA students to come in and complete this required ACT pre-work. Some of our consortium districts have required RVA students to report the day they complete this work with all of the other students in the district. Other districts have set up separate Pre-Work sessions for the RVA students. Both methods work! Just don't forget to schedule this session for the RVA students, as this part of the test cannot be completed on or after the test day.

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Proctoring the ACT & WorkKeys

RVA Students should take their ACT and WorkKeys with the other students testing in their district. If a student is approved for ACT accommodations, consortium districts will need to provide them. However, there is an extended testing window for students with accommodations.

Submitting Tests & Materials to ACT

The consortium districts should follow the standard instructions for returning answer documents and additional test materials for the shared RVA students.

The test coordinator at the school administering the exam should complete Block K on students’ ACT answer documents with the ACT High School Code where scores should be reported. In addition, the test coordinator at the school administering the exam should complete Block D on the WorkKeys blank site header and complete Block 18 on students’ answer documents with the ACT High School Code where scores should be reported.

RVA ACT Code: 991980

The DPI provided us with a document to share with our consortium districts that outlines this information for Multi-District Charter Schools:

Reporting for Multi-District Charter Schools - State Testing

ACT Results

While the ACT results should be sent to the RVA, if they do get sent to the student 's consortium district, we'd appreciate if our partner district's could mail them to the RVA, as the RVA holds all student cumulative files. We also document the student's ACT scores on their RVA transcript.

Rural Virtual Academy

Attn: Sara Holewinski

624 College Street, Room 104

Medford, WI 54451

RVA Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding RVA ACT / WorkKeys Testing, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Sara Holewinski - RVA Principal

email: sara.holewinski@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 825

Kathy Alexander - RVA School Counselor (A - K)

email: kathy.alexander@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 827

Taryn Reardon - RVA School Counselor (L - Z)

email: taryn.reardon@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 828

Jill Chasteen - RVA Special Education Teacher

email: jill.chasteen@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 851

Kelly Williams - RVA Special Education Teacher

email: kelly.williams@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 876

Melanie Ellenbecker - RVA Special Education Teacher

email: melanie.ellenbecker@ruralvirtual.org

phone: 888-801-2666 ext 852

A huge thank you to the RVA Consortium Districts for all of your support!