Componets of Wellness

  • Diet: Eat right by consuming your daily needs of protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairys.
  • Physical: Atleast 30 - 40 minutes of vigorous activity sch as running or bicycling or 60 minutes of moderate such as walking.
  • Emotional: control stress and express emotions comfortably.
  • Social: Interact with others.
  • Spiritual: Provides meaning and direction in life and enables you to grow, learn, and meet in new challenges.
  • Environmental: Promote health measures that improve the sandard of living and the qualiy of life in the communtiy.
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Self Destructive Behavior

  • Self Harm: cuttin, hitting, burning, and excessive tattoos and piercings
  • Substance abuse: Drinking, smoking, and misuse of medicine
  • Suicide