sustanible energy

BY Ethan Halsey

fossle fule

fossle fules are fules like cole and oil that comes out of the ground. so that means that cole miners have to mine up a lot of fossle fule.The fossle fule cole is used for fule to heat, create steam, exedera.

conserving water

There are ways to consurve water and there are ways to use it all up. so lets tallk about how to save water first, you can take sort sowers like 5 min. sowers, drink sorter glasses of water and ex. now those are just some ways to conserve water. Now here are some ways to not save water, take 50 min. sowers, drink 25 once glasses of water so think about water its inportant

conserving electrisity

We have talked about water and fossle fules now lets talk about electrisity. turn off lights when not in a room, unplug thing you are not useing for ex. when not in use unplug coffe pot. so i hope that you now know now how to save electrisity