New Year's Resolutions: 2016

Katie Mackey

  1. Lose weight --you got the French trip, Prom and you just gotta look good
  2. Travel more—you can’t really be in full control of this yet but you can suggest ore trips
  3. Try to perfect your style— you already have an excellent fashion sense but try and get more staple pieces that will benefit more outfits
  4. Make healthier choices— you already put on the list lose weight but making healthier choices can help put you there and its better for your wellbeing, not just weight loss
  5. Try and be more affectionate— I know its not really your thing but give more hugs as a start
  6. Hold a better self image— stop comparing yourself to others and be confident in your own skin
  7. Find a boyfriend— sounds quite cliche but just try it
  8. Get more sleep—hard with Junior year but you got this
  9. Become comfortable at public speaking—your slowly getting better so just keep with it and just remember to relax
  10. Save more money—I know that money just burns a hole in your pocket but just buy a new pair of pants
  11. Stop procrastinating so much— take hold of your work and just get it done
  12. Take more risks—Let’s be honest, you dont like change or things you dont already know but just try some new things
  13. Drink more water—Water is your new best friend
  14. Stop overthinking— the wheels dont have to turn all the time
  15. Keep your room clean— just pick up the clothes, dust and vacuum and take pride in your space
  16. Stop biting your nails—Learn to chill out, plus you’re getting too old for this
  17. Try to not be so negative—“the glass is half full"