Rocket Boys

By: Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

A Brief Summary

Homer is a young boy in Coalwood, West Virginia, who dreams about working with rockets. He and his friends start a rocket club where they build rockets and shoot them off. The whole town gets involved to help they boys with their rockets. In they end up bringing everyone together as a community.

My Thoughts

I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good book. I thought the book related to a lot of families. In the book I loved how we heard a lot about some of his experiences with friends at school and with his rockets. Over all I loved the book and I would rate it pretty high.

Homer H. Hickam, Jr.

Homer Hickam Jr. was born in Coalwood, West Virginia, on February 19th, 1943. He grew up in a coal mining town, with a strict coal miner father. He started building rockets in his early High School years at Big Creek High School. He one the National Science Fair and he went on to working with NASA and now he lives in Hunstville, Alabama.
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