New Charity Organization

Mother Teresa was very caring and hardworking!

Mother Teresa is getting a new charity orginization!

Mother Teresa's new charity organization will follow in her footsteps. It will be hard to fill her shoes! The charity orginization is looking for volunters, so if you are interesed call 321-483-7727 now to join! You could help open homes for the poor and treat everyone with love and respect! If you want to travel to San Francisco and open a home for AID's patients or go to Calcutta and teach unschooled children, than this is definately for you! So call now and start making a difference!

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was caring and hardworking!

When Mother Teresa was 12, she knew that she wanted to help the poor. She became a nun that cared about everyone. She opened a bangladesh for women raped by Pakistani soldiers. In 1957, she began to work with lepars. In 1979, she won the noble prize for peace. Mother Teresa tried to deflect all the attention from what she did to either God who was her inspiration. She donated all of her time to people in need.

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