Collaboration Tables

EHS Media Center

Let's Collaborate!

EHS Media center has collaboration tables! We have six tables where small groups can do big things! These innovative tables each have six seats, a 40-inch monitor, and Chromebook capabilities.

It's not your mother's "group work".

The art of collaborating is a fine art, and most of the time we are really just having students do group work when we think we are having them collaborate. Collaboration involves sharing knowledge, learning, building consensus, planning, and implementation.

ELA Collaboration Project Sample

Groups will randomly draw for the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Students will research the time period, read several literary works, determine two or more themes and collaborate to create and present a book trailer teaching their classmates about the literature of the time.

*Content Standards Available Upon Request

Geometry Collaboration Project Sample

With technology rapidly changing, students will design their ideas of what the marketplace most needs today. Their product can be entirely new or an improvement upon an existing item. In other words, a feature the current technology does not offer but they wish it had. Using their design in mind, the group must assume collaborative roles to develop their marketing plan for presentation. The group must be able to justify their conclusions with a valid argument in the course of the presentation and present an advertising slogan for marketing.

*Content Standards Available Upon Request

Science Collaboration Project Sample

Students research and develop a compound machine to assist a person with a disability perform an everyday task. The collaborative team will discover Web 2.0 tools to design and present their machine.

Social Studies Collaboration Project Sample

Students will collaborate on the idea of the Declaration of Independence: is living up to its founding ideals? Students explore the gaps between the ideas and reality and make connections between history and present life in America and in their community. They will decide on the best way to present their findings to their classmates. (video production, slide show...)