Ryan and Omead

Legal drugs

Aderal: is a legal drug because it given to people who have ADHD because it slows down their brain activity and helps them focus easier as well.

Schedule 2

Xanax: is legal because it helps people with anxiety and helps people not to have a panic attack

Schedule 3,4,5

Caffeine: is a legal substance because it can be harmful but in reasonable amounts at random times it can be suffiecent for energy.

Schedule 3

Legal but controlled

Marijuana: this is legal in certain states it can be used medically for cancer from kemo

Schedule: 1

Dexadrine: this is legal but controlled because it is highly addictive if not taken in a regulated fashion.

Schedule: 2

Steroids: these are used only in forms of prescriptions to make drugs that help sick people. Natural steroids increase muscle but destroy the liver.

Schedule 3


Cocaine: this substance is illegal because its effects can cause death and there is no medicinal use for it at all

Schedule: 1

Heroin: a small dosage of this substance can instantly cause you to stop breathing and die

Schedule: 1

Ecstasy: is a pill you take to relax your body and makes you really lazy and if you take too much you can overdose and makes you get seizures.

Schedule: 1