By, Kiley Krivachek

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder showed perseverance in his life. After Sounder got shot in his shoulder he tried to get to his master but he couldn't. He tried and tried. Even after Sounder got shot he didn’t die. He wouldn't let himself die. Not until his Master came home. The boy's Mother showed perseverance in her live also. She never stopped her son from going to school even though she didn’t want him to. It was hard for her to let him go, but she let him go anyway. She also never stopped hoping that her husband would come home. She waited two years and she never lost hope. The boy's Father was in a dynamite explosion. Even after the dynamite explosion he didn’t give up from coming home. He eventually came home. About a week after he came home he went walking with Sounder even though half his body was paralyzed and he had to limp. The boy never gave up looking for his father. He looked at quarries and jails. He went all over the state. He looked for about two years.

Gabby Douglas

Olympian Gabby Douglas was homeless and bullied before winning gold. Her family was living in the back of a van for nearly a year after she was born. She was cruelly taunted by her former coach and teammates at Excalibur Gym, in Virginia Beach, Va. "They told me to get a nose job and described me as their slave, but I didn’t let that stop me from being in gymnastics." she said. Just a few months before the Olympics, she told her mother she wanted to quit. She missed her family very much and wanted to see them again. She got her emotions under control and threw herself into training once more and it paid off. She won gold.

  • One reason why I think Gabby showed perseverance is her family was homeless but that didn’t stop her from being in gymnastics. They were homeless for one year after she was born. Another reason is she was cruelly taunted by her coach and teammates. They would not stop taunting her. She kept doing gymnastics anyway. Here is another reason why I think she showed perseverance in her life. She wanted to quit, because she was homesick and wanted to see her family. Her coach and mother wouldn't allow it. They told her to win the Olympics and she did. She won gold.

The Pit Bull

  • A two year old Pit Bull saved his master's life. An armed intruder busted through the door of the Pit Bull’s master’s apartment. The Pit Bull attacked the armed intruder. Surviving two shots to the head. The master got the Pit Bull three months before the attack. If the master didn’t get the Pit Bull before the armed intruder’s attack. she would have been shot or even worse.

  • Sounder and the Pit Bull are very similar because when Sounder was running after his master he got shot on his shoulder. He was running after his master because the police took him to jail in a wagon. Sounder was running after the wagon. The Pit Bull got shot in the head by the armed intruder. They both got shot. Another reason is Sounder loved his master enough to try and save him. The Pit Bull saved his Master from an armed intruder. They both tried to save their masters.The final reason is the dogs would do anything for their masters.

Anticipation Guide

  • The color of a person’s skin can tell you a lot about what that person is like. I disagree with this statement. I don’t think that the color of a person’s skin can tell a lot about what that person is like. It doesn’t matter what the color of a person’s skin is. The only way you're going to know what a person is like is by talking to them. If someone thinks that African Americans are bad because of their color of skin they're wrong. They have to talk to them in order to know them. That is why I disagree.

  • One reason why I feel this way is because, the only way you're going to know what a person is like is by talking to them. I have another reason why I disagree with this statement. It doesn’t matter what the color of the person’s skin is. The last and final reason why I disagree with this is, if you never talk to them how are you supposed to know if they're mean or nice, shy or talkative? You may never know unless you ask.

A Father, Daughter, Dog

  • In the story "A Father, Daughter, Dog and in the book "Sounder" there are tons of things that were alike in there families. Both Cheyenne and Sounder got there master’s son or daughter and showed them that their father died. Another reason why they are alike is both the daughter's and the boy's father died. The dog died closely after the father.

  • There was also a ton of differences. The dad was mean to his daughter in the story "A Father, Daughter Dog", but the father in "Sounder" wasn’t mean to his son and never yelled at him. Another reason is the dad in "A Father, Daughter, Dog" was a Lumberjack, unlike in "Sounder" the father was a sharecropper.


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