The Things They Carried

By:Tim O'brien

"A marvel of storytelling"


"it was like concrete weighing down your back, which would stay with you through your life"

Book Summary

In this book the main character and his army are in war while trying to live a regular life. So throughout this book they try to explain what they like to do when they are not fighting in war, and what they like to carry around in there bags. The main character has a girlfriend back home and he cannot stop talking about her, all throughout the book he keeps telling you how much he loves her and he writes to her all the time. He has a few good friends that are in the army with him he always talks about what they have in there war bags and how weird they are. in the end he ends up being a war veteran who is awarded medals and his girlfriend does not end up even liking him.


I chose this book because the cover looked cool and I wanted to know what it was about. I knew that I liked things about war and the front cover of this book looked like it had something to do with war. So I chose and read this book because the cover was cool, and it was about war.