Crisis In The 1900's

Evan Period 3

The Two Documentaries

Two Documentaries: The Night James Brown Saved Boston and The Two Towns of Jasper

The Night James Brown Saved Boston: Martin Luther King Jr. got killed and it started the crisis. The community went crazy and started breaking everything in the city and robbing stores. The police had to stay and watch the people all day. James Brown had a concert and it was aired on TV. That night on the concert the streets were finally quiet and people thought there was a effect that night called the healing effect.

Two Towns of Jasper: James Byrd Jr. was killed by 3 people. The names of the people that killed him was Lawrence Brewer, Shawn Berry, and John King. He was dragged by a truck for three miles until he died. People thought it was a very cruel death. They went to court many times. Two out of the three people were suppose to be executed and one was sentenced jail for life. That was the first time in a white guy was executed in a long time.

Five Questions

What are there two of because of racism in the the 1900's? Community

What can you tell there is in Jasper because the grave yard was separated in two?

Color lines very clearly drawn

Americans did not treat African Americans with respect all the times, what is it a example of? Race Relation

What was there a lot of in Boston in the 1900's? Segregation

What was the effect that happened when James Brown had his concert?

The healing effect

More Information About James Brown And James Byrd, Jr.

James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)

James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)

One of James Browns Song


James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World by nLL