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October 2019

Dear CGSD Community,

Successful strategic planning involves collaboration, data-driven indicators of current conditions, shared ownership, accountability and communication. When we commit to this work, it's also important that we establish a vision for the future. What do we want the CGSD to look like 3 or 5 years from now? How can we leverage innovation to inspire critical and creative thinking among and between students and staff? What resources, both internal and external, do we have at our disposal?

My oldest brother, Dave, is a home improvement carpenter. He often reminds me of the importance of "measure twice, cut once," the old carpenter's credo that has undoubtedly saved (or cost!) folks lots of time and money. Well, I think this kind of thinking applies to education, as well. With limited resources at our disposal, it's critical for school districts to avoid jumping into the next best thing that comes along without first applying a series of checks and balances against their vision for the future.

And that's one way in which our new strategic plan will come in handy.

For our part, we've taken a systematic approach to creating a series of attainable, relevant and resource-sensitive goals for each of the next three school years. When you review these goals, I think you'll get a sense of how we envision our students' practices and the learning spaces within which they'll perform them. Please visit for a detailed look at our 2019-20 District Goals.



Michael J. Fetherman


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North End 1st graders in Mrs. Scuralli's class have enjoyed studying about 2 and 3-dimensional geometric shapes. They are "shaping up"......that is making 3-dimensional shapes out of straws and pipe cleaners!

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MMS 6th graders in Mrs. Poll’s Language Arts class explored the topics of segregation and racism through an introductory simulation activity. Before reading Maniac Magee, which tells the story of a young boy who does not understand the idea of segregation, students were randomly divided into two groups by selecting a piece of colored paper from a bag. Students were given a few minutes to “hang out” with other students on their side of the room without interacting with the other side at all. After a few minutes, students discussed their feelings about being limited to certain areas of the classroom and limited in their interactions with other students.

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MMS 8th grade social studies students participated in an irrigation simulation in which classes participated as a team to build an irrigation system from folded pieces of paper marked levee, channel, and reservoir. The system was tested using marbles rolled in a manner meant to simulate river flooding. The simulation provoked the challenges early societies faced in attempting to achieve large-scale or societal tasks. This concept was then applied to the origin of organized government, the development of law codes and tax collection.

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CGHS was recently recognized by the Alzheimer's Association Greater New Jersey Chapter as sponsors of their most successful fundraiser of The Longest Day 2019 event! Team leaders for the 3rd Annual Orange Invitational Volleyball Tournament held at CGHS, including Lauren Cap and Chamberlain Ricco, pictured here along with Mr. Cardinale, were presented with a plaque for organizing such a wonderful fundraiser! Their responsibilities included, but were not limited to, soliciting sponsorships, acquiring donations for raffle items, selling tickets, designing team jerseys, as well as creating content for their class Instagram account. When it was all said and done, the class raised $14,330, thanks in large part to the efforts of Lauren and Chamberlain!

For more information on the Longest Day event, please visit

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Music Matters is a family-school organization supporting the music program at Cedar Grove High School. We work with the students and teachers to partner with and support community events and organizations in our wonderful town.

Please visit CGHS Music Matters online at:

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On Twitter: @cghs_Music

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The mission of the Cedar Grove Education (CGEF) is to enrich and enhance the educational experiences of Cedar Grove students above and beyond the scope of the curriculum and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community.

See details below for the CGEF Fundraiser - Bingo at CGHS, Dec. 8 at 1PM. Hope to see you there!

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