Parliament House

By Jake M


The Australian Parliament House is in Canberra and is where the Federal Government meet up to pass bills and discuss issues going on in Australia. But not much people know what is actrully in parliament house. Well in parliament house there is the House of Representatives where they make bills and the Senate where the approve the bills. In the house of Representatives there is the Prime Minister which is the Head of the Country and his party. The speaker, which conducts the meeting, The Opposition Party and the Opposition Leader and many other minor parties. In each party there is a deputy Prime minister and ministers for Health, Education, Finance and More. Bisides that There are many other rooms in Parliament House. Such as the Prime Ministers office, Prime Ministers Sitting Room, Function Rooms, A postal Office, A hair Dresser, Many halls and an Enormous Kitchen. Plus On the Top Of parliament house there is an Australian Flag. This flag is 12.8 meters long and weighs 25 kilos! The prime Minister also has his own courtyard where he makes announcements, plays cricket and relaxes. In Parliament House, there is also A large hall full of portraits of past prime ministers. Parliament House is a great Place and is the home to Australian History.

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This is the Parliament House Flag.

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