Mariner mission

by Rhea Fairweather

Mariner 2

On 14th December 1962 mariner2 travelled past Venus to record the planets atmosphere, surface & temperature. At this time it was discovered that Venus rotates in the opposite direction to Earth, the temperature is extremely hot at least 425 degrees celsius and that the dendity of cosmic dust between planets is much lower than it is near Earth.

These are the technologies that Mariner 2 used to make these discoveries cosmic dust detector, microwave radiometer(temperature detector),

Mariner 3

On the 5th November 1964 Mariner 3 travelled past Mars to photograph the surface using a television camera. The mission was unsuccessful due to power failure. Mariner 3 has been lost in space.

Mariner 5

On the 19th October 1967 Mariner 5 travelled past Venus to gather more information. It measured Venus temperature at 527 Degrees Celsius.

These are the technologies used photometer, radiation detector.

Mariner 6 & 7

On the 31st July 1969 Mariner 6&7 identical spacecraft's flew past Mars to study the surface and atmosphere. Mariner 6 took 24 photos these showed heavily crated areas. It was discovered the surface pressure is about 30.5kms above Earths surface. The surface temperature was recorded to be -73 Degrees Celsius.

Technology used were imaging system (2 TV cameras)