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May 5, 2016-12th Edition

We hope you have had a great teacher appreciation week so far!

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Thank you for all you do!

To all our staff for a wonderfully celebrated week for a job you do so well each day! Thank you to all the buildings, PTOs, parents, administrators, and students who honored our MVR-III Teachers for the great work they do with our students each and every day. Your commitment and dedication are noted all year long but particularly celebrated during this week!

MVR-III District Recognition Ceremony held TODAY will be showcased in next week's Thursday Thoughts on Learning

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Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6. Please watch for social media posts from the DESE office to help celebrate teachers. Use #ThankaMOTeacher to thank yours!

It's not too late to give THANKS to those who matter in our profession.

Don't forget to tag #MVR3Learns too!

District Spotlight on Student Learning

CSIP Goal 1-Student Achievement

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District Academic Achievement Committee

The District Academic Achievement Committee is the district committee that oversees the implementation and progress towards meeting the MVR-III CSIP Goals. This committee will meet on Thursday, May 12th, to review progress in all five goal areas and to revise the plan for the future. Email Randy George, MVR-III Superintendent, if you would like to join the District Academic Achievement Committee or if you have suggestions for action steps that need attention to support continuous school improvement.


The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) Office of College and Career Readiness is seeking a diverse group of professional educators to provide thoughtful input into its assessment development efforts. Three opportunities to participate in the development of Grade-Level and End-of-Course (EOC) assessments are planned for this summer. Applicants are actively sought. Please forward this information to appropriate candidates from your school or district who may be interested in participating in one or more of the activities.

Candidates must be appropriately certified teachers with at least three years classroom experience or educators supporting in the content area, special education or English Language Learners (ELL) classrooms. Additionally, candidates must have knowledge of Missouri content standards and grades 3-12 classrooms in a Missouri public school district or education agency.

From among the applicants, qualified educators who represent Missouri’s geographic regions and other demographic data will be selected to serve. Candidates must commit to the event dates and must be available for the entirety of the days of the event.


Achievement Level Descriptor Writing: Educators in English, mathematics, social studies, and science will write Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) achievement level descriptors that describe the knowledge, skills and processes demonstrated by students in each performance category.

Dates - June, TBD

Content/Grade Levels:

  • English Language Arts (ELA): Grade 3 – High School
  • Mathematics: Grade 3 – High School
  • Science: Grades 5, 8, and High School
  • Social Studies: High School


Standard Setting Meeting: Over three days, educators in ELA and math will recommend cut scores—threshold test scores that separate test scores into achievement levels: below basic, basic, proficient and advanced.

Dates - July 12-14

Content/Grade Levels:

  • ELA: Grade 3 – 8
  • Mathematics: Grade 3 – 8


Assessment Item Writing: Over four to five days, educators in English, math, social studies and science will write assessment items for Grade-Level and EOC assessments.

Dates - August, TBD

Content/Grade Levels:

  • ELA: Grade 3 – High School
  • Mathematics: Grade 3 – High School
  • Science: Grades 5, 8, and High School
  • Social Studies: High School


Interested candidates should apply by May 13. After selection, participants will be notified via email with additional information regarding the specifics of locations and other meeting information. Most events will be held in the Columbia or Jefferson City area.

To apply please follow our link to the survey.

DESE Assessment

Summer Professional Learning Series 2016


English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Trainings with Fine Arts Integration

Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Expectations Workshops

The Missouri Department of Education Office of College and Career Readiness is offering a series of workshops designed to deepen understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards K-12 Expectations in English language arts, fine arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The workshops explore implications for curriculum, instruction, and assessment as Missouri transitions to the new expectations. The series is free and designed for school and/or teacher leaders with the expectation that participants will share this information with other Missouri educators. To register for the K-5 Summer Learning Series, click here PDF Document. For the 6-12 series, click here PDF Document.

Participants who register for all four days will have the opportunity to attend mathematics, science, social studies, and/or English language arts trainings depending upon the needs and interests of the district.

Participants may attend the workshop for one content area per day, but are not committed to attending both days of a content area’s workshop. Space is limited: first come, first served.

MVR-III STAFF---If you register and get accepted to the DESE Summer Professional Learning Series please notify

Lighter side of Learning

Have a funny cartoon, video, or quote related to loving the teaching and learning journey? Send it to a Curriculum Committee Member or PD Rep and ask to have it included in one of the Thursday Thoughts for Learning weekly newsletters.
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District Updates


Uncommon Learning Book Study Concluded this week

During the recent district book study on UnCommon Learning by Eric Sheninger, the group reviewed several technology integration models. One of the most widely used is the SAMR Model. Click HERE or below for SAMR in 120 Seconds, or click HERE or below for the 4-minute explanation. The model is a progression illustrating the depth that technology is embedded in a lesson, but remember - one level is not necessarily better than the other. We first learn to stay afloat before we dive deep, and one can’t stay underwater all the time! Swim through all the levels for effective teaching practice.
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SAMR in 120 Seconds

CIA News

May 2 Curriculum Learning Walks

On Monday, May 2nd, Curriculum Learning Walks were conducted across the district for Odyssey Curriculum and the Library Media Curriculum implementation. The pictures below are some items that were observed on the LMC curriculum walks to ensure the board approved, taught, and assessed curriculum are all aligned.
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SIGN UP HERE!---MVR-III Summer Curriculum Days

Sign up now for completing Phase II Curriculum Drafts on the designated summer curriculum development days:

June 14 & 15

July 19 & 20

Times and slots available on the Sign in-Google Accounts link below

Can't make the June/July days but still need some time???

If you are in Phase II of curriculum development and need some time and attention this summer to complete revisions, work on assessment pieces, pacing, etc. Please complete Form IF-AF2 for Curriculum Development and submit for consideration by May 13th.

CIA Calendar of Events Thursday, May 5 - end of May 2016

Thursday, May 5 - end of May 2016

Thursday, May 5---DEADLINE for APRIL PL Summary Submission for CEUs/Stipends

Friday, May 6---St. Louis Area of Curriculum Coordinators Association, 8:30am-11:30am

Monday, May 9---PAT Advisory Committee Meeting, 4pm, CS

Tuesday, May 10---

Wednesday, May 11---

Thursday, May 12---District Academic Achievement Committee, 4pm, CO

Friday, May 13---

Monday, May 16---District PDC Meeting, 4pm, CO PD Rm.

District Textbook Review Committee, 4pm, CO BOE Rm.

Tuesday, May 17---

Wednesday, May 18---Board of Education Meeting, 7:30pm, PHS Auditorium

Last day of School

Sunday, May 22---PHS Graduation, 3pm @ PHS

Monday, May 23---all summer school sites begin



The District Assessment Plan is currently being revised for the 2016-2017 school year. Thank you to the staff members who have given feedback on this document. MVR-III is really trying to focus on minimizing the number and types of assessments administered and to focus on "why" we assess and "what" we do with the data to help with continuous school, program, and student learning progress.

The updated plan will be posted on the district website after BOE approval on May 18, 2016.

End-Of-Course RAW Scores are back

It is a blessing to receive results for the EOC exams in such a timely fashion. This year we can celebrate our success before our students and staff leave for their summer break. Also, policy states that EOC performance counts for 10% of the students grade in those courses so it is important data for end-of-the-year grade reporting.

Although, EOC totals by course are considered RAW data the early RAW total indicators are indicating improved student proficiency and advanced status in:

Algebra I (RB & PHS) 74.9%

Algebra II 85.2%

English I 78.6%

English II 88.8%

Total RAW EOC results will be shared and discussed at the District Academic Achievement Committee Meeting on Thursday, May 12, 2016, 4pm, CO.

Photo shows 2015 PHS EOC Final Results for quick comparison purposes.

PDC News

Don't forget the "2 of 3" Rule

If you are exempt and meet the "2 of 3" rule you do not have to submit a PD Log this year.

Not sure....ask your PD Rep or building admin.

Sample PD logs can be found on the district website under Professional Development.

All 2015-2016 PD logs are due to your building principal at your May "checkout".

District Spotlight on Educator Learning

Goal 2 of the 2015-2020 MVR-III Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
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Amy Sauvage, MVMS/RB Library Media Specialist and K-12 LMS Leader is also "Spotlighted" this week.

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Thank you Zitzman Elementary & Art Teacher Stacy Johnson for the student art work that @DistrictMVR3 is using for our Twitter background during the month of May.

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