Helping With Stress

By: Alysa Marker

What is Stress

Stress is when your feelings are created when you react to certain events.
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Good & Bad stress

Stress can be good for you, but also bad for you. Good stress protects you from tough situations. But bad stress can cause you to feel sick, weak, overwhelmed.

Body's & Emotional Response to Stress

Your body's and emotional way of handling stress is different from others. Like emotional response to long-term stress some act out with anger and take that on other people, some get sad or worry a lot. Some might isolate themselves, have eating problems problems.
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Healthy Stress Relievers & Unhealthy Stress Relievers

How to handle stress healthy and unhealthy way. Healthy way to handle stress is to do something you enjoy to do like doing an exercise you enjoy or a hobby. Try to manage your time because it is important to do your work but to also have some time to yourself. Unhealthy way to handle stress is eating and harming yourself. When your stress please try to handle yourself the healthy way.
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Where To Go To Get Help With Stress

If you need help with stress go to a Stress Management or find someone to talk to about your stress.