My Hobbies

By:Shea Hopp

Collecting Erasers

I like to collect erasers that are shaped like food, sports, and animals. Those are only some shapes. There are a lot more shapes.


I like horses. I have a horse at my house. I go to fairs and show my horse. Also I go to horse workouts.

Play Softball

I play softball. There are ten girls on my team. We have practice on Tuesday and Thursday. Our games are on Sunday!


I like to sing. I sing all the time. My favorite song to sing is Fireball.


I am a kid artist. I love to drawl new designs and research artist's painting and try to make them look like the real artist's. I made a picture like this one.-----}


I love to read. When I read I go into my own little world. My favorite book is The One and Only Ivan. Its a long book but a good one.


I babysit over the summer to play with babies and earn money. I babysat a little girl this summer and we went to church, the store, and parks.


During the summer I babysit some dogs. Once a month I get paid $40 because I babysit them starting at 4:00 to 5:00 or 7:00. I like babysitting dogs!