Letter From Montag

Nicole Liang

Citizens of 2016,

I have an important message to tell you and you must hear me out. It had never occurred to me, until recently, that the society that I am currently living in is completely corrupted and destroyed. It had been brought to my attention by a friend of mine called Clarisse. Let's start with something we all know is important: School and education. What if you didn't have a real, alive human being standing at the front of the classroom teaching you, calling your name, answering your questions of confusion, or even making you laugh? And, I mean, yeah sure we can still learn from the virtual teacher or whatever, but they cannot teach us more than the curriculum embedded into the system. They do not have the ability to share their wisdom and life lessons. That leads me into our lifestyles. What do you think of when you hear the word "social"? Definitely not of me and my wife (sorry Mildred). She probably has spoken more words and spent more time with the walls of our house than with me... Literally! Everyone in this world barely interacts with each other... Heck, we don't even take the time to look at the greenery and scenery when we're driving on the road. Too bad if we slowed down we'd get arrested. Anyway, you'all would be appalled to hear the conversation Mildred and I have on a daily basis. Hmmm, what is it that you teenagers would say? Conversation game weak or something? That also brings me to yet another topic: Teenagers. They are disastrous! The other day I drove by a car disposal area and saw hordes of them dispersed among the scene, some of them aiming guns at their own "friends", and others jumping on the hoods of cars. Oh, did I mention that reading books are illegal? Yeah, yeah I hear some of you jumping up and down and celebrating, "Yay! No books!", but can you imagine how foolish we are without the education, imagination, and philosophy that comes from them? All we really care about is our own happiness and entertainment, but you tell me, what would our world be without the power of cognizance.

So, Citizens of 2016, I urge you to make a difference.

Change your destiny and your future because it's YOURS. Keep asking your teachers questions. Listen in class and don't let important pieces of knowledge slip past you, for you are the future and you can be intelligent. Watch less TV and read more books because it is one heck of a waste of money to replace a wall of your house for a screen when books are such a traditional, beautiful way of entertainment. Talk to everyone you know and spread love with friends and family and don't ever let the conversation die out. And for all you teenagers out there, defy the stereotypes of rebellious, disrespectful kids and be mature and polite. Hold the door for a family, or help an elderly cross the street. You guys do have the ability to have an amazing future. One that is much better than the one I am living in today.

~Guy Montag