Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle

Respected Business Professional

Value of Integrity

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle prides himself on his integrity in the field. He seeks out the truth of the matter, no matter what the cost. When it comes to his own business practice, Jeff says that his integrity comes first. Addressing problems when they arise is the only way to overcome them, lies and exaggerations can prevent closings and can cause issues later down the road, says Jeff. That is why Jeff is full of integrity and straight forward with his clients.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - Brokering the Business Deal

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is a professional and highly successful business broker. He has spent nearly 30 years gaining experience the business world with a focus on finance and sales. Both specialties have really helped him find success as a business broker. While there are few people who have heard the term “business broker,” there are even far fewer that can tell you what a business broker does.

This lack of knowledge doesn’t surprise Jeff, as most people he talks to about his career think that he is nothing more than a glorified salesman. Jeff explains that in actuality, a business broker must have a strong financial background to be able to properly valuate a business, and they must also possess excellent communication skills in order to work with both the buyer and the seller of the deal. This, Jeff says, is not something that can be learned overnight.

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle
has the communication skills and the financial background to be a highly successful business broker. He has a keen understanding of the market place and is able to provide his clients with appropriate advice based on that knowledge. Jeff believes that because he puts in the extra effort with every deal that he brokers, he has established himself as an excellent business broker. With his skills he knows he can accurately price any business and has the confidence that he will present the best deal to both parties and get it quickly closed to the benefit of his client.

Saving Homeless and Abused Cats - Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Since 1982, the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver, Colorado has been saving and caring for homeless, abandoned, abused, and neglected cats. A no-kill cat rescue, their mission is simple – provide a safe and caring shelter for unwanted and abused cats. The rescue also works with the public to provide information about responsible pet ownership including information on spay and neutering resources in the community. Through their community outreach program, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue educates the public and is able to find permanent homes for many of the approximately 125 cats that are at the shelter at any given time.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue receives no government funding and relies solely on donations from the community, as well as from the fundraising events they put on throughout the year. For individuals that are interested in donating to the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, here are five easy ways to help.

  • Donate money through their online portal at or at one of their fundraising events.
  • Help us get our name out by posting rescue flyers and leaving business cards with acquaintances.
  • Write a Facebook post or send a tweet letting your friends know about the rescue.
  • They need more corporate sponsorships. Corporate sponsors can help in a number of ways. They can donate money or time, or hold an event at their business that will help the shelter in some way.
  • Join them for BINGO! There are two weekly bingo games that the rescue puts on, and they are always looking for volunteers.

The Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is always in need of assistance. Successful business broker Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle does whatever he can to support the rescue and encourages everyone he knows to do the same.