5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 5/16/16

What We Did Last Week

In Math we focused on simplifying large fractions using 2 methods, prime factorization and dividing by a common factor.

In Science we focused on preparing for last Wednesday's STAAR and beginning our STEM unit by identifying characteristics of engineers and identifying the different types of engineers.

What We Are Doing This Week

In Math we are reviewing mixed and improper fractions and writing them in simplest form. We will also review dividing with decimals up to the thousandths place.

In Science we will continue working on STEM projects. We will have a gallery walk of the engineer posters that students created Friday, On Tuesday I plan to introduce students to the STEMolypics. Students will work in groups to design and create models based on different event criteria for basketball catapult, diving, sailing, and a couple more events.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday May 25th: Field Day 12:30
  • Friday May 27th: 5th Grade Day and Talent Show
  • Monday May 30th: No School
  • Thursday June 2: Last Day of 5th Grade :( (I hate to see them go!); End of 4th Nine Weeks; Reports cards go home

Please check grades regularly to avoid surprises! All incomplete work will receive a zero until made up during tutorials, lunch, or recess.