Bionic Limbs

By Jacob

Bionic Limbs

A Bionic Limbs are a way for paralyzed or people who lost a limb in accident. They are ways for people to move again without a wheelchair or crutches. It is said to be out in the next year or so.
New Bionics Let Us Run, Climb and Dance | Hugh Herr | TED Talks

Will this technologhy last?

Yes it will last for a while. It will be with us for a long time until we start building up skin and bones and other parts of the body.

How will it be for other people?

It may be awkward for other people with bionic limbs around them. Mostly because of it being new to many people. But i would think for people with it they will be glad they have it obviously.

Is it helping People and Businesses?

Well of course it is! Many people would love to stand or use both arms. However in a business it may not get you hired. People would want others to be able to function very well and not have many problems in the work place. However, It may be useful in the work place. Many people can use the limbs to do simple things such as running a copy machine. It could help in a work place in a lot of ways.

Is it safe?

In my opinion I would think it would be safe, But i can see the concerns about it malfunctioning and it going through your body.