Internet Saftey

Be safe online!

The Internet

Nowadays, almost every kid has access to the internet. Which means more and more kids haven't been taught proper internet safety.

Internet Saftey

The internet is an awesome place. You can play games, read books, and watch videos. But just like real life, the internet can be dangerous.
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Be Careful of what you Post

Would you let any stranger see your pictures? Where you are? What you like? I would imagine not.
Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds
Would you want this on the internet?

I.B. Anonymous

Hi I'm a 8 year old boy who enjoys football, playing at LeMieux Park at 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays with my friends.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is just about the worst thing that can happen to someone online. It's the same as bullying someone in real life. The main difference is that no matter what you do, even if you delete it, it will always be there. Everything you do online has a digital footstep.
Cyber Bullying Video