organic compounds and living things

science words daily !

oganic compounds!

There are four organic compounds that all have different meanings and ways of helping or hurting your body. The four organic compounds are

  • carbohydrates
  • lipids
  • proteins
  • necleic acids

carbohydrates are a main source of energy for your body. They are made of carbon, hydrates, and oxygen .Examples of carbohydrates are breat , meat , wheat.

Lipids or fats are used to store energy. Lipids are made mostly of carbon and hydrogin. the two types of lipids are saturated and unsaturated. saturated is not very good being that your cholesterol can raise from this . the better type of lipid is unsaturated being that liquid at room temurature. this lipid is not good but its O.K.

proteins are basic building block of amino acids. containing carbon, hydrates,oxygen,nitrogin,sulfur. each protein does a specific job

  • control rate of reaction
  • regulate cell proccess
  • from bones/ muscels
  • transport substances in/out of cells