University of Texas

Austin, Texas


The most recognizable landmark in Austin is the tower supposeably you can see it from anywhere in Austin. The tower was completed in 1937 and still standing bright and strong since. It is a 27 floor tower the is easily seen where ever you go. Its lit up different depend on what is near such as holidays but one things forsure it will never lose its burnt orange lights.

Hook em' Horns

SImilar to the Texas Tech "Guns up" the university of texas has a hand signal too. Horns on Your hand is probably the most recognized symbol in college football. If you do that anywhere in the US its likely someone will know what it is. Cheer leaders came up with it in 1955 with help from the head cheerleader Harley Clark Jr.

Big Bertha

Texas has the largest bass drum in the world acompanied by the band. At every fotball game youll hear that drum its so big it takes more than four people to push it around. Youll know your in its presence when you hear the thud and know its none other than big bertha. You can look on the sidlines of everygame and easily point it out because of its size.