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Stouts All the Way

Happy New Year

New year comes new tasks, new responsibilities, new challenges and new hope that we will continue tasting beers.

Fact about Porter and Stouts

The history and development of stout and porter are intertwined. The name "stout" for a dark beer is believed to have come about because a strong porter may be called "Extra Porter" or "Double Porter" or "Stout Porter". The term "Stout Porter" would later be shortened to just "Stout". For example, Guinness Extra Stout was originally called "Extra Superior Porter" and was only given the name Extra Stout in 1840.

Fee for Dec and Jan

All those who havent paid for Dec and Jan please bring the fee tomorrow or pay by google wallet

Blg 18 Floor 3 in front of Lakota

Friday, Jan. 10th 2014 at 4pm

3600 Cisco Way

San Jose, CA

New Payment Method

Now members can pay me membership fee ($15) either by cash or by google wallet.

Just send the money to using google wallet