1930's Medicine and health

By: Tatum Sommer

Health Concernsđź’”

One health concern in the 1930's were How to pay for medicine and medical bills.
40 percent of america could not pay their medical bills, causing doctors and nurses incomes to be split in half. Sadly many people could not afford to be hospitalized when they were sick or wounded.

Common diseases

The most common diseases in the 1930's were heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, and infectious and parasitic diseases.
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The first blood bank opened in 1937 causing surgeries to be easier. Also vitamins were apart of daily use and they saved people from many diseases.
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The iron lung

Though the iron lung was made in 1929 it helped people with polio for many years! It helped people with polio breath
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Perfusion Pump

The perfusion pump was made in 1935 by Charles A. Lindbergh, its procedure where blood is artificially pumped through an organ to be available during surgery.


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