Tainter Today

April 2023

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Hello Tainter Families

Welcome to April!! The extended daylight is certainly refreshing after a long snowy winter. Thank you to all the families who supported our ”Game On” Fundraiser in March. The students are enjoying the obstacle courses that have been set up in both gyms this week!!

Our 4th graders have begun taking the WI Forward state assessment and will conclude next Thursday 4/14. Our 3rd graders will be taking the assessment April 17th-28th. Testing will be mainly in the mornings. We would ask that you please refrain from scheduling any appointments during these times and make sure your child is getting plenty of rest to ensure that they can perform at their very best. We appreciate your support.

In hopes of warmer weather making its way to our area, please make sure that your children are wearing appropriate clothing for school. This time of the year, the weather changes throughout the day. Sweatshirts are ok for some warmer days, however dressing in layers with warm jackets works the best this time of the year.

As always, I thank you for your continued support and partnership


Joann Walker


Tainter Way

How did we do at Tainter in March!

Warrior Way Tickets

These past couple of months our students worked hard to demonstrate positive behavior by following the Warrior Way expectations of:

BE Safe

BE Respectful

BE Responsible

In a 3 week period the students earned a total of 1,472 tickets! Way to go, Tainter Warriors!

March Celebration

The students voted with their earned tickets and with 632 tickets, "Officer Andy, Mrs. Walker and Mr. O. get Silly Stringed" was the winner. As a school students and staff will watch these three staff members get sprayed with silly string by 10 lucky students!

April Celebration Choices

This month Tainter students will get to choose from three choices of things to do after each time they earn a Warrior Way ticket. Those choices are:

1. Extra Recess

2. Fly Paper Airplanes

3. Virtual Dance Party w/Ms. Jensen

Warrior Families

Our Tainter Warrior Families in the month of March met and had free choice. During this time, students colored, drew, played with toys or read with other friends in their Warrior Family!!

Art Room News

Portraits for all!

Kindergarten students are drawing themselves as kings and queens, complete with crowns!

1st Grade students are drawing themselves in the famous painting Starry Night, and learning a bit about Vincent Van Gogh and his art.

2nd Grade students finished their portraits inspired by Kehinde Wiley, and are learning how to be an art critic!

3rd Grade students are drawing themselves in the style of Spanish painter Amedeo Modigliani.

4th Grade students are learning a bit about the Renaissance and drawing themselves as kings and queens from that time.

April and May will get busy with clay projects, painting, and end of the school year art room fun!

The Youth Art Month Show at Northwood Tech was a success-thanks to everyone who came to look at all of the fabulous student art in March!

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Health Room News

Health Insurance Coverage and End of the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Congress enacted the Families First Coronavirus Response

Act (FFCRA) which included a requirement that Medicaid Programs keep people continuously enrolled

through the end of the month in which the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ends. We have received

information that the COVID-19 pandemic is officially in a wind-down period. When this continuous

enrollment period ends, millions of people across the country could lose insurance coverage that was

gained during the pandemic. The deadline for the end of this policy is March 31, 2023.

As part of the wind-down process, all states are required to check with every person currently enrolled

in Medicaid to assure they are still eligible for services. Families determined to no longer be eligible for

services may lose their coverage and/or be moved to other forms of coverage like CHIP or the

marketplace. We have recently learned that Wisconsin will start this process in April, with June being

the first month individuals may be disenrolled.

In order to assure that those who remain eligible for Medicaid services do not lose those services, we

recommend the following:

• Families with children or other family members on Medicaid will once again need to complete

the eligibility renewal process for Medicaid or risk losing their coverage. Families should make

sure to check the mail, fill out a renewal form if they receive one and return it ASAP to avoid

losing Medicaid or CHIP coverage.

• Families with Medicaid should contact their state Medicaid office now and make sure their

contact information and mailing address is up to date. If you currently have BadgerCare Plus or

have moved in the past 2 years, be sure to update your account by logging in to access.wi.gov or

contacting your local agency.

• If you no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, you may be able to get affordable health

coverage through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. (See BadgerCare information below)

Wisconsin-Specific Resources:

 BadgerCarePlus Member Information (dhs.wisconsin.gov/badgercareplus/member-


 For help getting health coverage, paying for groceries, or childcare costs, finding a job or

building your career skills go to Access.wisconsin.gov/access/

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Books for the Bus

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From time to time, you may notice a book (or multiple) coming home in your child's backpack as they get home. No need to send it back to school! If it is missing a barcode or a barcode is blackened out, it may have come from our FREE BOOKS FOR THE BUS table. On this table we place old books, students can choose from on their way out to the bus. The books are theirs to keep!
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