surviving in the Canadian wildernes

things you need to survive

  • a tent
  • a first aid kit
  • water
  • some cans of food
  • matches/lighter
  • a weapon
  • what berriees to eat and not eat

Why you need a tent

yoU will need a tint for shelter in case you have a hard time looking for shelter or in case it rains or storms you will have shelter to go in and when you have this tent move it some where close to water in case you have to base or you need water so you can get it quick

why you need a first aid kit

yoU will need a first aid kit in case you get hurt or in case u get really bad cuts and make you have bandages and wraps to wrap and alcohol in your first aid kit and make sure to clean the cut every day

why you need water

yoU need water to survive in case u get dehydrated or water can clean out some cuts

why you need some cans of food

you need cans of food in case you are lost for a long time and you need something to eat because you are bad at hunting or jest something quick and easy

why you need matches or a lighter

you will need these things to make a fire you use matches by scratching them on the end of the box or on the back of the box

why you need a weapon

you will need a weapon encase you are stuck for more days then you brought enough food for so you will need your weapon to hunt for animals and skin them and you will need it in case you have to cut wood or something so bring a knife

what berries you can eat and not eat

you can eat some blue berries and black berries but don't eat a lot you can also get a container or something or bring a cup cause you can put some berries in a cup and squish them up and add some water and you will have juice and do not eat red or white berries because they have Poussin in them
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