Mental Health

No one is exempt

Some people think that only people with mental illnesses have to pay attention to their mental health. But that is similar to saying only those with heart disease need to watch what they eat. We all need to maintain and care for our mental health throughout life.

The truth is that your emotions, thoughts and attitudes affect your energy, productivity and overall health. Good mental health strengthens your ability to cope with everyday stress or even more serious crises and challenges. Good mental health is essential to creating the life you want.

You can take steps to promote your mental health.

Click the link below for 10 tools for taking care of your mental health

Mental Illness

While we all should be mindful of maintaining mental health, many suffer from mental illness. Just as there are multiple forms of physical illness (chicken pox, liver failure, heart attack, etc.), there are multiple forms of mental illness (bipolar disorder, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.).

One of the best ways we, as a community, can help those with mental illness is to get rid of the stigma. An organization called NAMI (link provided below) wants to replace stigma with hope. They suggest 3 steps in taking the "Stigmafree pledge."

Step 1: Educate yourself and others.

Step 2: See the person and not the illness.

Step 3: Take action on mental health issues.

Click here to see an expansion on these important steps:

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Time to Talk Youth Video

The power of empathy to help and heal

When in a relationship with a person with mental illness, empathy and connection are keys to help and healing. Brene Brown, Ph. D. narrates an excellent clip discussing what empathy might look like in action (clip below).
Brené Brown on Empathy

Know the Warning Signs:

10 Common Warning Signs of a Mental Health Condition in Teens and Young Adults

Help and hope is available.

If you or someone you know struggles with untreated mental illness and needs support please see our community resource guide at or contact your school's counselor for specific resources in your community.
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