What is it?

  • It is giving 2.5% of your savings to charity for the service of God.
  • The word Zakah means purify or cleanse.
  • It is supposed to cleanse your money, and stop you from having greed.
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It is to free your wealth of any greed, it is also a test of the honesty of Muslims. Muslims believe money is for the service of humanity. The money is used in different ways:

  • to help the poor
  • to release from debt
  • to help needy travelers
  • to free captives
  • to win people over to the cause of Allah
  • to pay those who collect it
Zakah is payed in secret, this is so you don't receive any praise, this is not the point of Zakah. It is also so the poor people do not feel ashamed of receiving the money.

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God is the Owner

Muslims cannot pick and choose, they must help those less fortunate than them. Muslims must remember they are one big family, ummah. Muslims believe God loaned them everything, so anything sacrificed to God is just giving it back to him.