Student Voice in Education Issues

#Miched Chat 1/15/2020

Student Led Dialogue

This Twitter chat will be moderated by one student and two alumni from the Novi Community School District. The goal of this chat is to open/encourage a dialogue between students, teachers, policy makers, parents, and administrators around issues in education. Welcome their voice to the conversation and community.

Question Set

Please use the "Q and A" format. Questions will be tweeted using "Q" and a number. Respond with "A" and the corresponding number before your response to the question. Don't forget the hashtag #MichED!

  1. What is your definition of Social Justice? What is your definition of Equity?

  2. How do equity and inclusion differ, and why are they meaningful in education?

  3. Who or what inspires you to speak your truth? Why?

  4. What is the difference between student voice and student agency to you?

  5. How can we honor the voice of students in education?

  6. What are examples of student voice or student agency that are meaningful to you? Why?

  7. What role, if any, does student voice/agency play in influencing policymakers?

  8. What is one thing that adults can do to positively impact the lives of students?

Marina Ackerman

Marina is an alumnus of Novi High School, and is now a freshman studying business at Michigan State University. Marina first began social justice and student voice work by participating in Summer Youth Dialogues camp at the University of Michigan in 2017. From there, Marina went on to become a dialogue leader in a student-led workshop for professional development at Novi Community School District in the summers of 2017 and 2018. Now, at MSU, Marina is working with the School of Social Science to bring more student voice to the university.

Meaghan Wheat

Meaghan is a graduate student at the University of Michigan pursuing her Master’s in Social Work and Master’s of Arts in Higher Education. Meaghan attended Novi Community School District from K-12 before pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. Meaghan has been an advocate for youth voice and social justice since she was a high school student. For the past three years, Meaghan has worked with students from Novi to create and execute student-led professional development workshops for faculty and staff of Novi Community School District.

Sharon Chen

Sharon is currently a senior at Novi High School. She first began this work with the Novi Community School District the summer after her sophomore year. She and her peers have led workshops for teachers, meetings for administrators, as well as spoken about mental health in front of the parents of the community and at the UMich depression center. Sharon wants high school to feel like a safe space for kids since they are there for 4 years.