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September Issue: West Point Consolidated School District

This month's newsletter contains everything you need to know to make a smooth transition back to school. If you're new, or you just need a refresher, scroll down to learn how to use Kami! Our district purchased this to integreate with Canvas in order to allow students and teachers to annotate on any document or image! Please read through it entirely. Contact us with any tips, tricks, or suggestions to help improve our communication!

-I.T. Department-

Kami 101:

Step #1: Creating an Assignment in Kami

Complete these steps FIRST before going to Canvas.

Step #2: How to Create a Kami Assignment in Canvas

This walks you through how to create an assignment in Canvas using Kami. Make sure you've uploaded the assignment in Kami FIRST.

How to Create a Kami Assignment in Canvas:

Remote Teaching with Kami & Canvas

"Every Tool in Kami Explained"

Teacher Instructions for Using Kami - EVERY PAID TOOL EXPLAINED + Student View - Distance Learning

Canvas Items:

"How to Use Canvas Studio"

Canvas: How to Use Studio

"How to Embed Videos in Canvas"

Embedding Videos

Most Efficient Way to Message Students with Missing Work:

Missing Work: Messaging Students

Important Zoom Information:

"How to Create Zoom Polls" (Great Tool to Quickly Assess Learning)

Creating Polls in Zoom
Zoom: How to Check for Updates

Please make sure you are using the current version of the Zoom Desktop Client. There have been a lot of updates that have happened over the summer. In order to be able to use the latest features, you have to be up-to-date.

Don't Have Zoom Desktop Client? Click Here to Download

Click here to download the Desktop Client for Zoom. You'll need this to check for updates.

Surface Pro Updates:

How to Check for Updates on Your Surface Pro

Your Surface Pro needs to be updated frequently; think of it as your phone. If you notice it running slow, or having any other issues, then it's probably time for some updates. Click here to learn how.

Learn How to Use Classwize to Monitor Student Devices:

Getting Started with Classwize

Staff Spotlight Nomination Form:

**First Year Teachers** Teacher Loan Repayment Program:

MDE: Professional Development Calendar

Click here to see all of the Professional Development opportunities MDE has to offer.

ITS Cyber Tips Newsletter: August

Digital Citizenship Lessons:

~Free Creative PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides' Themes~

Ways Your Instructional Technology Coaches Can Help You:

~Motivational Video for Teachers~

TOP Motivational Video for TEACHERS | Professional Development | Jeremy Anderson
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