From 2nd Grade

Mid-Winter Break is Right Around the Corner!

Mid-Winter Break is the week of February 15th-19th. There is no school for staff or students.

Valentine's Day

The room parent will be soon be sending out a message about Valentine's Day activities. If your child brings valentines to class, please make sure they have one for every student. We have 25 students in our class.

Field Trip

On Wednesday, we took a trip to the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History! Students focused on looking at the different kinds of displays that museums use to showcase exhibits. They will be using this new knowledge to help them create an exhibit about a community helper for our PBL unit. Students did an amazing job staying focused and following the rules at the museum. A special thanks goes out to all of our parents who came on field trip for making it a success!

Finishing Unit 4

This week, students began wrapping up Unit 4 in Everyday Math. They will be taking the Unit 4 assessment this week, and will begin Unit 5 after break. In this unit, students learned different strategies for adding, such as change diagrams, open number lines, and parts-and-totals diagrams. They also learned how to count back change, and practiced working with money. Finally, they looked at what a good mathematical explanation looks like, and how to improve their own explanations.


Building Security Reminder:

The front door is now officially locked at 8:30 am daily. All parents will have to be identified by camera and buzzed in by the main office staff before entering the building. Doors will be unlocked at 2:55 pm each day for parents to children.

Birthday Celebrations

Be sure to contact me in advance if your child has a birthday this month and would like to celebrate with the class. Keep the creative celebration wheels turning as you think of ways to celebrate that don't include food.

Important Dates:

2/8 - NAAPID
2/15 - 2/19 Mid-winter break - No school for students
2/23 - Kindergarten roundup