Taylor Allison Swift

Do you know somebody in these circumstances?She was born in reading pennsylvania about 25 to 26 years ago.She Is known worldwide and goes on many world tours.Many fans calls her by nicknames.Tay,Swifty,T swizzle.Do you know who she is?If you think it is Katy Perry or Ariana Grande the you are absolutely wrong.If you thought that it was Taylor Swift then hooray for you,you are correct!!!!

Taylor Swift was born on December thirteenth 1989.She is now 25/26(2015).Her full name is actually Taylor Alison Swift.her birthplace was Reading,Pennsylvania.Her education was at Hendersonville High School.Her occupation from when she was really small was to become a singer and songwriter and that is what she is right now,a singer and songwriter.

Taylor Swift is known worldwide.She started her career when she was only 5 years old.When she grew up she was only singing the songs other singers wrote.When she signed up for Big machine’s she had one condition...She only wanted to sing the the songs she wrote.By now she wrote and sang about 35 songs in her career.Her first album is called Taylor Swift.She made that album to tell everyone about her life.

Taylor Swift has many fans including me.She really likes a lot of things such as…

Perfume: Wonderstruck

Shoe Brand: TOMS

Animal: dogs,

Flower: pink roses

Candy: Twizzlers, Swedish fish, any kind of chocolate

Fast Food: Subway

Restaurant: Phil Sandoval's (Mexican food)

Fruit: pineapple and watermelon

Vegetable: black olives

Day of Week:Friday,

Lucky Number: 13, of course

T.V. Show: Pretty Little Liars

Movie: Pride & Prejudice

Website: taylorswift.com and pinterest.com

Book: Mermaid Park, The Autobiography of Ben Franklin

Job: Babysitter

Cartoon: Winnie the Pooh

Sport: Soccer

Song: Mary's Song

Holiday: CHRISTmas

Shape: hearts

Subject: English, I'm a writer

Store: anywhere with cute clothes and a sale!

Weather: snow!

Magazine: People

Color: blue

Season: winter

Name For A Girl: Elizabeth

Name For A Boy: Hunter

Dessert: brownies with vanilla ice cream

Month: November or December or May

Disney Character: Ariel

Author: Suzanne Collins

Actor: Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon

Actress: Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone

I really hope that you liked learning about Taylor Swift.Nevertheless,Whenever you hear a famous Taylor Swift song remember the things you already know about her.watch this link to see one of taylor swifts songs.Taylor swift song

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