Knightly News: EXCEL

Week of March 7th

March Madness--Finish Strong!

American Heart Association Campaign for students and staff. Shout out to the Erickson, Nelson and McCallum team who have embraced the challenge with donations. Monday, March 7th is the last day to make a donation in honor or memory. Consider making a difference in the fight again Heart disease. Link to give is below:

Athletic reminders:

  • Tryouts for spring sports (baseball, softball, and boys and girls track & field) will begin on Monday 3/7.
  • Tryouts will be 2 or 3 days, depending on how many students are trying out for each sport.
  • Students trying out for said sports need to have an athletic physical signed by a doctor and a completed concussion form on file or in hand, in order to tryout.
  • Mr. Williamson has put all of the necessary paperwork on the school website.
  • Students also must have transportation home, at SGMS no later than 545PM.
  • All students trying out for any of the aforementioned sports, should report to the main gym at dismissal on Monday, after the buses and car riders are dismissed.
  • After Monday, track & field will report to the main gym. BB and SB players will put their equipment in the aux gum when they arrive in the morning, and will then pick it up at dismissal and make their way to the fields.


Please note videoing, taking pictures and posting of students or staff violates the Code of Conduct. Please ensure your child is not at risk of consequences for these choices. Social media accounts with school related posts are being reported to law enforcement for posting so please be sure your child is using technology for good not harm

Talk to your child about the importance of Severe Weather Preparedness Week which is 3/6-3/12.


Tornado and Severe Weather Drill Procedures:

Watch – when a tornado watch is in effect the following will be announced on the intercom: “A tornado watch is now in effect.” A watch indicates that tornadoes are probable. Follow steps 1-7 below:

Warning – when a tornado warning is in effect the following will be announced on the intercom: “A tornado warning is now in effect.” A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted.

Follow steps 8 -11 below.

  1. Come inside if outside the building. This includes mobile classrooms coming inside the building.
  2. Continue with normal schedule/teaching routines in the classrooms.
  3. Close all blinds.
  4. Keep all students away from windows.
  5. Make sure all doors are closed.
  6. Allow students to get coats/jackets and place on back of chairs so that they will have them handy to take with them should the status change to Warning.
  7. Check on any students who have left the room and who might be in a restroom.
  8. Move the students quietly and quickly to the pre-designated safe area. Order is extremely important so that you will be able to hear an announced change over the public address system. Designate a class leader (and back-up) to lead your class to the designated space as the teacher needs to be the last one to exit the room.
  9. Take your emergency roster folder with you so that you can determine if anyone is missing once you get to the safe area. Students should not spend time gathering personal belongs but can take their coat that was on the back of their chair with them for added protection. Close the door to the classroom as the teacher exits the room last.

10 Safety position recommended by The North Carolina Division of Emergency Management recommends:

· Students should be on knees, facing the wall. Their hands should be clasped over the back of their heads. Hands should hold coats over their head but should not restrict breathing. Elbows will be pressed alongside their heads and will be touching the floor. Their eyes should remain closed.

11 Once children are in place, you must try to convey calmness. Stay directly with your class – do not engage in conversations with other adults as this will distract students and encourage them to also talk. While no building is tornado proof, many lives can be saved by positioning personnel and students in safe areas.

Steps to follow if a Tornado is sighted approaching a school but no official warning has been issued:

1. If time permits go to your designated area.

2. If time does not permit, get into the safest area of your classroom.

3. Avoid gymnasium, cafeteria, or other structures with wide, free-span roofs.

4. Get under any heavy furniture available.

5. Assume a kneeling position so as to protect your head and eyes.

Tornado drills take place during the first few weeks of the school year and again in the spring and are scheduled by the State and the Central Office.

Join us March 10th!! Virtual Encore Registration Overview

4:30 Rising 6th graders

5:00 Rising 7th graders

5:30 Rising 8th graders

6:00 All grades

Learn about what course offerings will be in the 22-23 school year, meet our counselors, administrative team and a collage of encore class overviews.

Say Something Week coming up 3/14-3/18

March 14th-18th is Say Something Week. Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in Say Something Week. They come together to raise awareness about the Say Something, as well as celebrate upstanders and trusted adults.

Monday 3/14 – Spirt Wear Day, students can wear SGMS gear or their favorite team shirt/ jersey.

Tuesday 3/15 – Photo booth Day, students can take a picture in the cafeteria during lunch, holding a picture frame with messages that promote the Say Something program, ex: “I made the promise to #SaySomething” or “I am a #Upstander.”

Wednesday 3/16 – Neon/ Bright Colors, students can wear these colors to “stand out to remind people to stand up”.

Thursday 3/17 – Wear Green Day, students will wear green to bring awareness to Sandy Hook Promise.

Friday 3/18 – College Colors Day, students can wear their future/ favorite college’s colors to “look out for their community and future”.


Joshua Grade 6 and Maholic Walsh teams- Tonya Grade 8 and Nelson team-

Calendar info: Subject to change but will give you an idea of things to come

March 15th: 7th grade symphony

March 24th: End of 3rd quarter

March 25th: Teacher Workday

April 6, 7 and 8: Tentative 3rd quarter awards days

April 7th: Title 1 Family Fun Night 5:30-7:30

April 15th -April 22nd Students out (4/15-Holiday, 4/18-4/21 Spring Break and 4/22 Teacher Workday)

May 3rd: Tentative 6th grade enrichment trip

May 20th-June 3rd EOG Testing Window

June 3rd: Last day of school

Attendance Matters

Please note that if your student is out of school you must submit a note upon return. Absences are excused for sickness, doctor appointments or educationally related absences.

Last quarter: Pope, Brown, Kane and Groff had the highest % of attendance for their homerooms at 94% or higher. Keep up the great work and let's get other classes in the running.


Our administrative team is available to assist with any and all SGMS questions or concerns. You may reach us at 336-674-4266 or by email. We love your partnership please reach out if you have suggestions or shout outs for our amazing staff.

Tracy Roof, (students with last names P-Z)

Lorie Rainey, Assistant (students with last names G-O)

James Moore, Assistant (students with last names A-F)