Did you know the Ute women wore long fringed leather dresses with belts decorated with elk teeth, bear claws or round shell beads? Men wore shirts and leggings made of buffalo skins and wore feathered head dresses on special occasions. Everyone wore moccasins made from elk or deer hide to protect their feet.
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Did you know women sewed about 15 buffalo hides together to make one teepee cover?They used geometric designs and pictographs to cover their tepees. There had other homes they used such as the basic teepees, adobe houses and pit houses and willow domes. Every brush shelter could fit about 12 people!
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Did you know that the men hunted a wide variety of animals such as buffalo, deer, elk, moose , pronghorn, squirrels, rabbit, whitetail deer, mule deer, mountain sheep, jackrabbits and cotton tail rabbits. They also hunted birds such as ducks, geese, quail, dove and grouse. One major food source came from the nuts found in pine cones of the piƱon tree.
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