Room 3 News

November 18-22, 2013

What we will be learning

What will we be learning next week:

-Review of Language Arts Unit 2

-We will review all spelling words, skills, and vocabulary words from unit 2. I will also give a unit 2 test. Please review the following at home:

- Vocabulary: enjoy, audience, perform, brilliant, entertain, guide, separate, protect, wild, provide, company, collapse, construct, material, entire, amazed, frequently, service, useful, variety, scrumptious, appreciate, responsibility, partner, cooperate

-Spelling: fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, thick, sixth, run, bug, want, all, hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, stop, frog, fast, sing, our, they, run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, lunch, skunk, grass, spin, spill, grab, grass, trap, trip, men, let, out, many, leg, beg, men, hen, let, get, top, lot, no, some

-Grammar: Proper Nouns (capitalizing days of the week), Nouns, Irregular Plural Nouns (leaf / leaves, woman/women, tooth/ teeth, mouse/mice) Plural Nouns: Add -s or -es to show more than one. Add -es to words that end with -ch, -sh, -x, -ss

Important Notes:

Monday we will have a special performance of Peter and the Wolf at 9:45 am in the FAB. Thank You to PTO for bringing us this special program.

-Book Club in next Friday. The book, about pumpkins is a gift from Ava B., will go home on Monday, please read the book with your child and do the worksheet together. Return the book to school on Friday as we will be reading the book together on that day.

-When your child logs onto Dreambox they must work on 2 yellow assignments first then they can explore through the site. The yellow assignments are strategies / skills that are new and could be a bit challenging. DO NOT help your child. The program needs to know if the student knows information or does not. It will then assign appropriate assignments based on answers. Green assignments are already learned and for review. Your child may be more attracted to these assignments because they have mastered them, which makes it easier. 20 minutes is the most optimal amount of time to spend on the program. I will go over this on Monday with the class.

-We have been talking about Nouns over the past few weeks. The students are getting good at finding them in sentences and deciding what type of noun it is but your child would greatly benefit if you talked about them at home as well. Please point them out or say a noun and have your child tell you what kind it is. (Common Noun: computer, Proper Noun: Mrs. Norby, Plural Noun: desks).

- Please sign up on the WIKI for our Feast on Friday. Only half of the class has signed up and I am hoping that you can all join us at noon.


Sharon O'Brien