Puma Periodical

January 2015

Welcome to 2015 & 2nd Semester!

I wanted to wait and post this flyer until we has some updates about 2nd semester! Can you believe we're already halfway there! The song at the bottom of this month's flyer ALWAYS comes to mind. We have a lot to celebrate and a lot of work ahead of us! See below for some updates about Paws and Claws upcoming events!

Paws: Quarter 3 Updates

We have a lot of changes coming for the Paws section of our team! First and foremost, our 3rd period Paws students are going to follow the Claws events during quarter 3. If you are a 3rd period student, please begin considering yourself a CLAWS member this quarter. For those remaining Paws kiddos, take a look at our awesome new daily schedule of events!

Monday: Meeting Monday

  • Stations:

    • #1: Letter Meeting - Vining

    • #2: Letter Meeting - Coyne

    • #3: Catch Up

    • #4: Close Reading Strategies (Rotated Weekly)

    • #5: Vocab Enrichment - Chips

    • #6: Handwriting

    • #7: Spelling

Tuesday: Talk About It Tuesday

  • Book Commercials

    • Presentations

  • Reading Strategy Practice w/ Peak

Wednesday: Writing Wednesday

  • Journal about Novel

  • Writing 101

Thursday: Thesaurus Thursday

  • Vocabulary - Student Choice

  • Grammar Practice

Friday: Finish It Up Friday

  • Read Aloud Peak

  • Letter Writing Time

  • Fluency (Reading & Writing) Groups

We are excited to see how this new focus on reading and writing each week improves our overall confidence about the subject!

Claws: Quarter 3 Updates

Claws students will be diving head on into the novel Peak! We too will be focusing out view on reading and writing instruction through the use of Peak, but we will also be creating a Survival Guide on a topic of our choice! This will be driving the majority of our time during quarter three. Parents, please be on the lookout for an opportunity to share you expertise with our classes, coming at the end of February!

Unit 3: Survival

Essential Questions

1. What does it take to be a survivor?

2. What causes people to take risks?

3. What are some unexpected outcomes of being a survivor?

4 ______________________________________ (Students will have the opportunity to create their own essential questions for this unit as well!

We are looking forward to this quarter of SURVIVAL!

Halfway There!

Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)