The 4-H Update

June 3, 2022

This Week's Events and New Information

Cat and Small Pet Show is TOMORROW, June 4

Cat Show

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2022 after the small pet show (check in is at 11)

Make sure you bring a copy of the Vaccination form, which can be found here.

Small Pet Show

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2022 at 8:00am Check-in will begin at 7:30a.m.

All exhibitors will give a brief (2 minutes or less) presentation about their small pet. This may include characteristics, health, history and care of the animal they are showing.

Youth need to wear a 4-H shirt, or 4-H clover. For more information contact Rachel at 402-444-4355.

4-H Shirt Designs are Due June 6!

Any artistic 4-Her's out there? Help us in designing our next Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Shirt! These shirts can be used to show livestock in, wear during your static exhibit interview judging, wearing around town to promote 4-H, etc. Best part is, they'll be FREE! Thanks to our shirt sponsor, the Sarpy County Farm Bureau. Here are the rules:

1. Your design can be either digitally made or can be hand-drawn.

2. The shirt will be white, so design accordingly.

3. Please limit the number of colors used in your design. Increased cost and processing occurs when a large amount of different colored ink is used.

4. You must incorporate the 4-H Clover in your design and it must be used properly. Here is a link to the proper use of the clover.

5. Design submissions must be made by Monday, June 6th. You can send your submissions electronically to Brett at or drop off your work at the 4-H Office.

All entries will be anonymously judged by the staff here at the Douglas-Sarpy Extension Office. Contact Brett ( with any questions.

Rocket Building Workshops - Register by June 7

Beginner Rocket Building Workshop

In this workshop, youth (ages 5 and up) will learn how to build a basic model of the Estes Alpha III rockets and learn about the launch process for the 4-H contest!

  • Tuesday, June 14th - Register by June 7 from 1-2:30pm
  • Douglas-Sarpy Office (Rooms A & B)
  • Cost: $10

Sign up at

Advanced Rocket Building Workshop

In this workshop, youth will learn how to build a basic model of an advanced ESTES rocket and learn about the launch process for the 4-H contest!

  • Wednesday, June 15th - Register by June 8 from 1-3:30pm
  • Douglas-Sarpy Extension Office, 8015 W Center Rd. Omaha, NE
  • 8+ ( Whoever is ready for advanced rocket building and launching)
  • Cost: $10

Sign up at


Enroll in 4-H

Nebraska 4-H has transitioned to 4honline 2.0. To enroll, click here.

For returning families, please do not create a new account; rather use your log-in credentials for 4honline used in previous years. Instructions can be found here:

Enrollment instructions for new families can be found here:

Please note the enrollment fee for Douglas-Sarpy counties is $10.00 per member and is paid online. Enrollments are due June 15, 2022.

Please contact Mary Dierks at with any questions.

All 4-H Volunteers for Douglas-Sarpy 4-H will need to be rescreened this year regardless of their last screening. To enroll and begin the screening process visit and enroll via 4-H Online. Volunteers may not work with youth until volunteer enrollment and screening is complete.

Livestock 2022 Animal Affidavit/ID Forms

Livestock 2022 Animal Affidavit/ID Forms

If you would like to submit Livestock ID forms via email, please send them to

Nebraska State Fair Livestock Nominations due June 15th

  • All breeding and market animals that are to be shown at the Nebraska State Fair must be nominated by June 15th.
  • Visit for instructions on the nomination process.
  • DNA Envelopes for Market Beef, Swine, Lambs and Goats are available from the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Office. Completed DNA Envelopes need to be returned to the Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Office by June 15th.
  • Electronic ID Tags (EID) for Market Beef and Swine are available for purchase at the office. $3.00 per tag
  • Payment for nominations is done on the Show Stock Manager website. NO MONEY IS ACCEPTED AT THE 4-H OFFICE
  • Questions, please contact Brett

Contest and Fair Information

Fair Project Idea - Recipe Cards

Department E - Healthy Lifestyles

Division 350: General Foods


A collection of 10 recipes from any source. Each recipe must accompany a complete menu in which the recipe is used. An additional 10 recipes may be

added each year the 4-H’er is in the project, with year clearly marked on recipes.

Display in a recipe file or binder. Be sure to include the number of servings or yield of each recipe.

See this area of the fairbook at

Shooting Sports Competition

Good luck to our Shooting Sports Contestants in the upcoming competitions.

  • June 9th-Shooting Sports Air Rifle Competition, 5 PM Sarpy County Fairgrounds
  • June 11th-Shooting Sports BB Gun Competition, 10 AM, Sarpy County Fairgrounds
  • June 12th-Shooting Sports Archery Competition, NOON, Sarpy County Fairgrounds

Check out all the details in the fairbook at

Fashion Show - Workshop June 16

The 4-H Fashion Show is an opportunity for youth to showcase their clothing construction and consumer management skills. Construction garment exhibitors are judged on fit, construction, poise, and overall look of the garment on the individual. Shopping In Style exhibitors are judged on garment fit, the overall look of the outfit, and poise, as well as record keeping skills in the written report.

Sign up for it at

For more information please go to:

Sign up for the Fashion Show

2022 Showcase of 4-H Gems

The Douglas/Sarpy 4-H Council would like to encourage all eligible candidates to participate in the Douglas-Sarpy Showcase of 4-H Gems.

To be selected and honored as a 4-H Gem is a positive way to share your success and experiences throughout your 4-H career. Receiving the honor of being named a Diamond or Emerald 4-Her is an excellent addition to your resume and college scholarship essays. We encourage all eligible candidates to submit their application for the opportunity to participate so that we can celebrate all of your accomplishments throughout your 4-H career. See the application here.

Return to the Nebraska Extension Douglas-Sarpy Extension Central or South Office or they can also be e-mailed to no Later Than June 29, 2022

Sponsor a Plaque!

Consider sponsoring a plaque for the fair events!

Sponsorship requests will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. If your request is already filled, your donation will be used to fund an award in the same event.

Get your form here.

Upcoming Activities

Table Toppers Contest - Register By June 24

See resources for Table Toppers Contest here.

Entries for the 4-H Table Toppers Contest are due by Friday, June 24th and the 4-H Table Toppers Contest will be on Thursday, June 30, in-person at the Douglas-Sarpy Extension office.

Sign up for Table Toppers here.

Fremont 4-H Expo

When: July 6 - 9, 2022

Where: Christensen Field, W 16th St & N Ridge Road Drive, Fremont, NE

4-H & FFA Exhibitors from the following counties: Burt, Butler, Colfax, Cuming, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders and Washington.

Open check out the opportunities to enter static exhibits and livestock.

Summer Babysitting Clinics

The dates for the 4-H Building Better Babysitters clinics at the libraries are June 10th (Swanson branch); June 22nd (Millard branch); July 7th (Elkhorn branch). Register through the Omaha Public Library website at

For more information, contact Stephanie at

Clover Kids and Families New To 4-H

Join us on June 21 from 6-7 pm for a question and answer session "what to expect at fair."

This event will be helped at the Nebraska Extension in Douglas-Sarpy Counties, located at 8015 West Center Road, Omaha. There is no cost to attend, but participants are asked to preregister with Rachel at

4-H Happy Hands Quilt Club

4-H Happy Hands Quilt Club is Open for new members!

When: June 21 - third Tuesday of each month

Time: 6:30-8:30

Where: Celtic Quilter (5080 S 108th in Omaha).

The leader will have sewing machines available for members to use and typically provide all the project materials needed during the meetings. For more information, contact club leader Stephanie Jacobson at

Barn Quilt Workshop - Sign up by June 21

When: June 28, 2022, 9 am-noon

Where: Douglas-Sarpy Extension Office, 8015 W Center Rd. Omaha, NE

Cost: $25 per kid

Ages welcome: 8-18

Registration due June 21. Register at

During the workshop, youth will learn about colors and quilt designing and how this applies to barn quilts. Youth will choose your barn quilt pattern, put the guide lines your design on the wood canvas, and paint the design. Before the workshop youth will need to paint the base coat on the wood canvas. They will need to bring their own paint to the workshop. To complete the barn quilt, youth will need at least 2 colors and no more than 5 colors. The wood canvas is one foot by one foot. The type of paint that will work best is acrylic paint: brands like Apple Barrel or FolkArt will work for this project. Acrylic paint from any craft supply store or grocery supercenter art section will work. All other materials needed to design and paint the barn quilt will be provided.

Livestock Information

Horse Information

Horsemanship Level Testing

June 12 at 1:00 pm at Cass County Fairgrounds

Sign up by June 8 at

Showmanship and Grooming Clinic

June 26th 2022 at 1 pm at Cass County Fairgrounds

Sign up by June 23 at

Tack Cleaning Clinic

July 8 at 6:30 pm

Bring $10 and your own saddles and bridles, as well as your own saddle cleaners: saddle soap, conditioner, oil.

Sign up by July 1 at

The horse program is for youth Age 8-18.

For more information about the horse program or these specific events, contact Alaina Kauffman, Extension Assistant, 4-H at

36th Annual Papio Valley 4-H Livestock Show

Goat, Sheep & Beef Show • Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sarpy County Fairgrounds – Springfield, NE

Check out the flier and all the details at:

Important Livestock & Horse Due Dates

June 15th-YQCA Completion Due

June 15th-Livestock, Rabbit & Cavy ID sheets Due

July 1st-All Horse Level Testing for Sarpy County Fair Competition is due

July 15th-All Sarpy County Fair Horse, Livestock, Poultry, Rabbit and Cavy Entries due

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) information

Nebraska 4-H requires all members enrolled in a livestock project to complete annual quality assurance certification through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program. There will be an person sessions on June 7th: 6:30 PM at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds, Springfield.

Participants can take the online course, but then need to print off and turn in their completion certificate to the 4-H office or email ( by June 15th.

You MUST sign up online for the in person sessions.

Visit YQCA ( and register for one of the in person sessions or do the online course. The deadline to Complete YQCA Training, June 15th.

Statewide and Regional Opportunities

Online Horticulture Contest 2022 - June 3-20

Do you know what it takes to pick the best fruit and vegetables out at the grocery store? Or do you know what judges are looking for when they judge your plants at the county fair? Have you ever wondered, what plant is that!?! We are excited to offer the opportunity to learn these and other important horticulture skills through the Online Horticulture Contest. The contest will be available June 3-20, 2022 at:

More details at:

More information about the Nebraska State contest can be found in the Fairbook

4-H Dog Show

4-H State Dog show rulebook is done! Please let your 4-H families know of the new rulebook update and the changes that were made and are in effect for the 2022 year!

Rulebook can also be found at:

Dog Show Opportunities can he found here.

Mark Your Calendars

4-H Events | Nebraska Extension (

June 4 - 4-H Small Pet and Cat Show 8 am at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds

June 7 - Quality Assurance at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds, Springfield at 6:30 PM

June 9th-Shooting Sports Air Rifle Competition, 5 PM Sarpy County Fairgrounds

June 10 - 4-H Presentation contest entries DUE

June 11th-Shooting Sports BB Gun Competition, 10 AM, Sarpy County Fairgrounds

June 12th-Shooting Sports Archery Competition, NOON, Sarpy County Fairgrounds

June 12-17, 2022, Big Red Camps

June 14, 2022 1:00 PM-3:00 PM - Rocket Building Entry-Level Workshop


June 15, 2022 1:00 PM-4:00 PM - Rocket Building Advanced-Level Workshop

June 16, 6:30-7:30 PM - 4-H Fashion Show workshop

June 21 - Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Presentation Contest

June 22-23 - PASE/Life Challenge -

June 24 - 4-H Table Toppers contest entries DUE

June 25 - Papio Valley Progress Show 8:30 am (Goats) 11 am (Beef) 5 pm (Sheep)

June 30 - Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Table Toppers Contest

July 8 - 4-H Fashion Show contest entries DUE

July 8 - Rocket Launch Entry Forms Due

July 13 3:30 PM-6:30 PM - Rocket Launch Contest

July 14 - Douglas-Sarpy 4-H Fashion Show judging day

July 25 - 4-H Dog Show - Sarpy Fairgrounds, 6 pm

August 3 - COUNTY FAIR!

Rabbit and Poultry Clinic Sign up by June 8

Rabbit and Poultry Clinic

When: June 13th at 6:30pm

Where: Douglas-Sarpy Extension Office, 8015 W Center Rd. Omaha, NE

Sign up by June 8, 2022.

Staff will also be on hand to tattoo rabbits before the June 15 ID deadline. The ID sheets can be found here.