Identity Theft

Is defined as any use of stolen personal information.

Ways to protect yourself:

1. Purchase Identity theft protection

2. Obtain a credit freeze, if anything happens

3. Be sure to have firewall protection

4. Keep strong passwords on online accounts

Identity Theft Speaker and Privacy Expert John Sileo on 60 Minutes

Target: Data Breach

Identity theft is everywhere, and can happen to anyone at anytime. In 2014, there was a major data breach/Identity theft incident at the third largest retailer in the world, Target. This situation was a huge eyeopener for many Americans making them aware of the fact that this problem is still a huge issue that our law enforcement is dealing with daily.
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After researching Identity theft in detail it became obvious to me that the biggest thing for Americans and Law Enforcement officers to do is stay educated and current with technology in order to keep ourselves as safe as possible from these persistant criminals.