Basic Properties of Light

FQ: What is light and the property of visibility?


In your science notebooks, start a KWL chart about light. Fill in the first two columns.

K = What you already know about light

W = What you want to know about light

L = What you learned about light

Light = Engergy

  • Light is a form of energy.
  • Light is made up of many colors
  • Different colors of light are revealed when white light passes through a prism
  • The different colors separate into the rainbow called, spectrum.
  • These colors are related to the different amounts of energy in white light.
  • Each color represents a different amount of energy.

Visible Light

  • It must either give off its own light or reflect light
  • The Sun, candle flame, or flashlight give off visible light
  • The Moon and many objects around us reflect light in order to be seen


Summarize the focus question using pictorial and written language.