SUHSD Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

March 2015

Third quarter wraps up as we head into the home stretch for 2014-15!

Revisiting the Curriculum & Professional Development Plan for 2014-15 in planning for 2015-16

District-wide Goal:

Empower all students to achieve college and career readiness!

District-wide Approach:

Alignment of Written, Taught and Tested dimensions of curriculum

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Professional Development Essential Questions:

1. What role does the teacher play in implementing the Common Core Standards?

  • Teachers must make informed decisions that are responsive to demonstrated student needs. They are empowered to creatively select and use resources they need to help students succeed.
  • Teachers are collaborators: with peers, administrators and content experts. Cohort, zone and PLC experiences are based on this principle.
  • Academic literacy and productive collaboration are fundamental considerations when planning instruction. Site PD plans focus on these goals.

2. How do challenging tasks affect teacher expectations, practice and student learning?

  • SUHSD Internal Assessments (final exams and performance tasks) and PLC common formative assessments require students to demonstrate mastery of complex skills.
  • Tasks are embedded in ongoing instruction and inform teacher decision-making by generating a variety of formative data.
  • Teachers are transforming existing tasks to better align with CCSS and NGSS.

3. How is subject matter embedded in a larger context? How can we explore complexity and depth of understanding?

  • Application of knowledge across content areas supports content integration.
  • Complex skills (labs, writing, inquiry, research) are valued by colleges and employers. Instructional guides emphasize these outcomes.
  • Relationships among SUHSD teachers, administrators and regional experts (UCSD, SDCOE, feeder school districts, Qualcomm, others) support collaborative planning.

Compared to professional development you received last year, how would you rate the value of COHORT and ZONE workshops this year?

(1 = worse; 5 = better)
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Here are the words offered in response to the question, "What three words best describe effective professional development?" This is updated from February.
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!

STEAMConnect Conference 2015: March 5, 2015 at Qualcomm

Roman Del Rosario and others shared innovations linking STEM to the Arts.

Click this link to learn more

Qualcomm's Thinkabit lab offers encouragement to aspiring innovators

SUHSD students participate in STEM outreach!

February and March were busy months for SUHSD students to interact with students and professionals working in science, technology, engineering and math.

Castle Park High School STEM efforts connect students and teachers to university researchers!

See this CBS news story about collaboration with UCSD

Also see this related March story

Thanks to Tricia Mendoza and Darci Kimball for sharing these features!

City of Chula Vista engages students in real-world, project-based inquiry!

BVH AP Environmental Science Teacher Jennifer Ekstein works with one of her students and Eric Crockett, Assistant Director of Development Services for the City of Chula Vista, to consider what type of university should be built in east Chula Vista.
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See the Project-based Learning ideas below for more ways to locate content-area knowledge and skills in real-world contexts.

Encourage students to apply for summer internships through the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD!

Taught Curriculum

Teacher Leadership & Promising Practices

Visit these content-area pages in the SUHSD Curriculum & Professional Development Course to view Promising Practices for leadership aligning written. tested & taught curriculum!

English/Language Arts Cohort 3

Math Cohort 3

Science Cohort 3

History/Social Sciences Cohort 3

Zone workshops will showcase "taught curriculum" exemplars from among our district's classrooms.

Written Curriculum

Here's the self-enroll link for the SUHSD Curriculum & PD course if you're not yet enrolled.

Semester 2 Instructional Guides drive planning by PLCs

Visit the SUHSD Curriculum and Professional Development Course to access Semester 2 Instructional Guides for all core content-area courses.

Tested Curriculum

Internal Assessments and Performance Tasks Guide Planning and Generate Data

Final Exams for semester 2 of 2015 will result from revision of 2014 Semester 2 Final Exams. Members of the District-level Curriculum Specialist Team (in consultation with Site colleagues) will align the content of exams with the content of Instructional Guides. They will also examine items with low internal consistency reliability (see additional assessment validation information here) and offer revised items targeting comparable skills.

Proposed testing window (May 22 - June 4, 2015) for Semester 2 Finals will expand from one to two weeks to allow for more flexility in scheduling exams; seniors will participate in course-level Finals.

Each core content-area course will offer students an opportunity to participate in a district-wide Performance Task this semester. Performance Tasks should be available via Research & Evaluation Canvas Course by the end of February, 2015. Teachers should plan to meet in PLCs to participate in calibrated scoring to maximize the value of these tools for formative purposes.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) publishes information on achievement levels

SUHSD internal assessment development is informed by awareness of external assessments (specifically SBAC summative exams, which will affect students in grades 3-8 and 11). While high-stakes tests contribute to statewide accountability measures, they represent a limited set of data that can be used to describe what students know and can do. See this recent California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress update for information on distribution of achievement levels based on the pilot tests last spring.

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SUHSD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

Roman Del Rosario, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Katrine Czajkowski, Lead Curriculum Specialist

Daniel Cohen & Mimi Williams, Math Curriculum Specialists

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Ana Garcia & Melanie Brown, Science Curriculum Specialists

Kelly Leon & Olga Loya-Estrada, History/Social Science Curriculum Specialists