Be Honest, Allow Surveillance

What is to fear when you have nothing to hide?

Fear No More

The use of technology is overwhelming in this day and age, and now the government even uses it to their own advantage. The goal is now to keep the homeland safe before it is in any danger. How is this possible? you may ask. The National Securities Agency has the answer. The NSA has the ability to wire-tap the electronics of the public for the sole use of stopping terrorist attacks or any potential threats. The people should fear not, unless they are among the threats concerning the United States. Threats left unaddressed have the ability to put the country in grave danger. So let our technology save us from harm and fear. We can all be patriots.

Honesty Saves Lives

If people are honest about their personal lives, then there is nothing for them to worry about. Only threats will be addressed, but people feel that Big Brother is now looming over our lives. However, the National Securities Agency is only concerned with those who create suspicion or threat. After all, an advanced form of surveillance can prevent a potential 9/11 situation from recurring.