Puberty Publications

BY Domenic Luci

physical changes males/females

During puberty some physical changes for boys is that the penis gets larger. pubic hair, They get more muscles, they also get sperm. For girls they get larger breasts and they have their period for their first time and they also get wider hips they get pubic hair like boys and they also get arm pit hair.

Social Changes males and females

some social changes for males and females is that they both get closer to their friends and they want to go out more with their friends, they want to stay up later with their friends at parties and they want to go to each others house more.

Emotional Changes males/females

some emotional changes for males and females is that they can have mood swings more often and that they can have more fights with their parents and they get more depressed and they can get very angry over small things.

Challenges and changes that may be experienced by males and females during puberty

some challenges is that some kids may not be able to deal with going through puberty and may not want to discuss it with other family members and they may get really depressed because they don't know how to deal with anything, because it is all new to them.

services and people that can offer advice when going through puberty.

some services that can help people that are having a hard time going through puberty are... TEEN HEALTH : AND RAISING CHILDREN


who influences the personal development of values

that people that influence me in my life is my patents telling me what values I should have and how I should I act when somewhere and my friends help me develop by being always there for me.