A Christmas Carol

The history of the play

The beginning

Was created by English writer Charles Dickens on December 19, 1843

Illustrated by John Leech, was a instant success and helped change Christmas in Britain and America

Why is it so popular still today?

The story, even after dozens of adapted versions for stage, films, operas, and other media outlets, has remained the same. The main story is about joy, warmth, light, and life but also images of darkness, despair, sadness, coldness, and death. It remains popular to this day because it has effected our traditions so fundamentally. It gave Christmas most of the well known traditions we celebrate today.

The Message delivery

In the story you will follow a man named Skroog as he hates everything about Christmas that we celebrate. As the story progresses he will change, thanks to the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. He hates this certain poor family but thanks to the ghosts he will become one of the biggest symbols of the Christmas spirit. When it was released in 1843 it entered a time where Christmas was essentially gone. It, along with some other books, changed people's view of Christmas as not just a time of cold winter but a time of past where everyone used to celebrate it.