Market Economy (America)

Ambassador Refugee Rep. (Charles, Brandon, Frankie, Yegang).

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Characteristics Of Our Economy

  • Free Market (Consumers control what they buy)
  • Privatization of property (People can own land)
  • Small role of government & business


  • There is a lot of wealth produced in our country and lots of job opportunities
  • The government protects the consumers from businesses through government agencies
  • Gives some federal aid to those in need (examples:food stamps, vaccinations, and clothes)
  • Economic freedom and social equality
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  • Large wealth disparity, meaning the rich are super rich, and the poor can be super poor
  • No free healthcare and no free secondary education
  • LOTS of military spending
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Why is Our Country a Great Place to Live?

There are a lot of job opportunities for everyone regardless of class, race, or gender. In our America we value freedom and equality so that no one is judged by their appearance and everyone is given equal chances for an education and for a job.

Also, consumers have a lot of choice in what they want to buy. The government, unlike the communists, do not completely control what the consumer is allowed to buy.

In addition, since we value freedom so much, everyone is allowed to have freedom of religion, and we do not judge people based on their sexuality.

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