Truedell Public School

Newsletter #7

Scholastic Book Fair Update

Thank you to Mrs. Bishop for running the Book Fair this year! Students loved it!
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Equity Focus for December: Celebrations & Traditions

Why Doesn't Everyone Celebrate Christmas?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas because there are thousands of different holidays and religions around the world. Christmas is a holiday that was traditionally celebrated by Christian people. Christianity is a religion with one God and revolves around the teachings in the Bible. Many people who aren't Christian, don't celebrate Christmas. They may celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid or any number of other celebrations. Not all holidays happen in December either; they can occur at any time during the year. It's important to remember that all holidays are important to the people celebrating them.

Resources for Parents

Resources for Students to Explore With Their Families

Hat, Scarf and Mitten Tree Donations

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Donations to the Partners in Mission Food Bank

This year's donations have far surpassed the amount received in recent years. Great job, everyone! This will help to feed many families in need.
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