Hound At the Hospital

By Ben M. Baglio

The Authors Life

Ben M. Baglio Was Born In 1960 in New York. He Spent Most Of his life in new Jersey, 10 Miles away From Philadelphia. He Had 3 sisters, so he was the only boy. He Spent A lot of time trying to get a brother, but they wouldn't budge, so soon, he switched from brother to dog. It took a lot Of Persuading But he finally got a dog named Nero. After he graduated, He Started Editing Children's Books in New York city. For A Few more Years he edited children's books but then he started wanting to Make children's books. he wanted to do something related to animals. and then it hit him, Kittens in the kitchen. he and his friends spent hours thinking of Titles for his new book series, such at Dolphin in the Deep, Tabby in the tub, Mare in the meadow and much more!!

About the Book

This Book Is About Mandy Hope, A girl who loves animals, helps her Family own a Vet. One Day, they Met A Little Cute Hound named Sasha. That Same day, Mandy was offered to help around A vet with Sasha for a week, And Mandy accepts. Mandy brings her Friend, James hunter Along to help her watch Sasha, but on there first day, Sasha gets loose and gets run over by a Motorcycle! Will Sasha recover from her injuries? Read the book to find out!

Text To Self

I Can make a text to self connection because one day, one of my dogs name Rudy Popped her eye out from fighting with my other dog over a piece of pizza, I Was So Worried. My Mom rushed Rudy to the Vet, and the vet stitched her eyelid Shut so the Eye Would go back to its Place, Eventually Rudy Recovered and was back to normal.