Dot Dollars/Outside Orders Blitz!!!

Work it, Win it!

Let's make the most out of Dot Dollars!

Alright girls it's NOVEMBER--it's HOLIDAY SHOPPING--it's our BIGGEST AND BEST MONTH OF THE ENTIRE YEAR as a company! And I am excited!! Are you? You should be!!! And we still have over half of November left!! So on top of all that, our home office has decided to GIFT US with Dot Dollars starting NOW! This is the best and most loved promotion we do and our customers love love love it! And if they don't know about it yet--make sure they do because they will LOVE it!

So let's make this fun shall we??? My two amazing leaders and Stars have teamed up with me and we are doing a fun giveaway for you for making the most out of Dot Dollars! Here is how it goes:

1. Get OUTSIDE NON TRUNK SHOW Orders using the Dot Dollars promotion and the fact that it's the Holidays! (now these orders CAN BE PLACED under a trunk show you have HOWEVER they cannot be from a customer at a trunk show! Make sense?? They have to be an outside order you got!)
2. For EVERY SINGLE OUTSIDE ORDER YOU GET POST IT!! Post it on our Southern Bling Team Page, contact your leader, etc! Try to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME you get an order and tell us how much! This will help us inspire and push each other if we see what we each are doing!!!!! If you cannot post every time you get an order POST AT THE END OF THE DAY AND TELL US HOW MUCH YOU GOT IN ORDERS!
The stylist with the HIGHEST SALES IN OUTSIDE ORDERS wins a SWEEET GIFT CARD!!! (Sephora, DWS anyone???)
We will also do a drawing for every single stylist who has $500 OR MORE in outside sales and that lucky lady will get a GIFT CARD TOO!!!

TIPS for Dot Dollars!

Make the most out of this!

Okay ladies so you didn't get that November show set and booked like you wanted? You wanted to book one more show before end of the month?? You really wanted to get your sales to $2500? or $5000? Or get that promotion this month? WELL THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! You can get a trunk show or 2--or 3 worth or sales and orders from getting outside orders using the Dot Dollars promotion!!!! On top of that it's freaking NOVEMBER--people are shopping! So here's some tips on how to maximize this:

1. THROW YOUR OWN DOT DOLLARS/HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE!!! Want another show?? Take matters into your own hands and do your own!!! Make some cookies, have some wine and invite ladies over for Holiday Shopping for themselves or others on their list and to earn those DOT DOLLARS they love or will love!

2. EMAIL ALL PAST CUSTOMERS!!!! Do a fun email to ALL OF THEM telling them about Dot Dollars and telling them how much you would LOVE to help them get some Christmas Shopping done AND help them earn Dot Dollars to use on themselves for later!

3. Contact/Message/Post on ALL OPEN TRUNK SHOWS! let those ladies know they can still order and let them know about Dot Dollars!

4. Sign up for a VENDOR EVENT and WORK IT!!!!! Print out the Dot Dollars sign and let ladies know about it so they will order AT THE VENDOR EVENT AND NOT WAIT!

So let's make the second half of this month EPIC!!!!!!

I want to see you earn that $500 you wanted to make Christmas great and debt free!!!! I want to see you make that $1000 to pay off a big credit card bill!!! I want to see you make that $2000 to book a trip for your family!!! I want you to earn and get what you want out of this and take advantage of this time of year! So if you need anything at all--LET ME KNOW! Reach out--we will MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!
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